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Masturbation and the Other Senses

During self pleasure, most men focus on, at many, two senses: touch and also sight. Checking out other detects while masturbating can open up points up in a new method.

Penis Pain From a Torn Frenulum

No discomfort is enjoyable, but penis discomfort is something guys particularly want to stay clear of. Take care with the frenulum, as tearing it can create significant penis discomfort.

Small Penis Humiliation: What’s That?

Some men with a small penis get a sex-related turn-on by feeling humiliation regarding the size of their body organ. And also so do some men who are not so diminutive.

When an Itchy Penis Comes From a Super Fungus

Yeast infections are typically considered a women’s concern, yet they are also usual among guys and also can definitely be a penis wellness worry. In guys, this infection is typically called thrush or candidiasis, and it can create a very, very itchy penis. The term candidiasis comes from candida albicans, which is the fungi that triggers this yeast infection.

Everyday Solutions for Very Dry Penis Skin

When it pertains to penis problems, extremely dry penis skin is one of one of the most common problems. Here’s what a man can do every day to ease the dryness.

Take Care With Penis Skin Lightening

Every individual desires his penis skin to look its ideal. Some opt for lightening the skin, however this ought to be done just after mindful thought.

How to Protect Against Penis Injury While Riding a Bike

Guy must always do what they can to stay clear of penis injury. But when a male is riding a bike for cross countries, penis pain might not be his first indicator of penis injury. Learn how to stay risk-free.

Done Too Soon: What It Means for Penis Health

When a man deals with very early ejaculation, he could question his penis wellness. The excellent information is that this is hardly ever a real penis health problem.

Vitamin A: Not Just to Fight Penis Odor

Great deals of men recognize vitamin A can be a large assistance in fighting consistent and irritating penis odor. Yet not every person recognizes it has other advantages too.

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