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When Dry Penis Skin Is Due to Ichthyosis Vulgaris

As numerous males unfortunately know, dry penis skin can be due to a vast array of causes. One of these is a genetic problem understood as ichthyosis vulgaris.

The Bent Penis and Hypertension

Several companions discover a little curvature in the penis eye-catching, but a severely curved penis can be an issue. Some medications for hypertension may make a guy more susceptible to such flexing.

Common Penis Problems: Curing the Penis Rash

Guy that watch for penis problems might eventually notice a penis breakout developing. Fortunately, this usual trouble has easy remedies.

Edging Into a Raw, Red Penis

Edging, which involves masturbating the penis for an extended amount of time without having an orgasm, can be very satisfying. But excessive bordering might bring about a raw, red penis.

Everything a Man Needs to Know About Smegma

Some guys experience constant buildup of smegma. Not taking care of the problem can lead to breakout, itching and also even penis discomfort. Right here’s what a male requires to know.

Tips for Resurrecting Lost Penis Sensation

When a man sheds penis feeling, he may wonder what he can do to obtain it back. Luckily, there are means to boost penis sensitivity that can make sex enjoyable again.

Penis Pain From Anal Sex: Some Tips

An increasing number of couples appear to be participating in anal sex. Expedition of originalities can be excellent, however be gotten ready for feasible penis discomfort sometimes.

Obesity and the Small Penis

In our size-obsessed society, most guys don’t want to be known for having a tiny penis. Yet excessive weight can add to the look of smallness because division.

OMG! Stress Can Cause Penis Odor

In this fast-paced, get-it-done-now culture, it’s no surprise that stress is a significant problem. And the series of tension activates is incredibly broad, suggesting that people today can obtain emphasized out regarding anything. As has been well documented, all that stress and anxiety has effects, consisting of damaging overall health and wellness.

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