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Using Mutual Masturbation to Communicate Sexually

Masturbation is normally considered a solo-based activity. However mutual masturbation with a companion can be a superb means to communicate sexually with one more person.

Penis Pain When Urinating Might Be Schistosomiasis

It’s uncommon for a guy to desire to experience penis discomfort, which can hinder of delighting in sex. One possible cause of penis pain, schistosomiasis, may show a larger wellness issue.

Penis Rash May Come From Different Forms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that affects millions worldwide. There are 5 kinds that might trigger a penis rash, along with appear elsewhere on the body.

Little Overweight, Guy? Try These Sex Tips

Obese guys seeking sex suggestions may be frustrated at the scarceness readily available. These sex ideas can be especially beneficial for the person that could stand to shed some of that spare tire.

The Male Oral Sex Experience: 6 Tips for Women

Great deals of males are extremely fond of getting foreplay, and some women more than happy to provide it to them. Others might be a lot more unwilling, and these suggestions may be useful for them.

Fighting Penis Bumps From Razor Burn

Penis bumps can be unpleasant as well as off-putting to partners or possible companions. Sometimes they are harmless, triggered by absolutely nothing more serious than razor shed when manscaping.

Some Advantages of a Small Penis

Although some men may not think it, there are numerous benefits to having a small penis. Think about the 4 that are reviewed listed below as a few instances.

When Penis Pain Is Due to Urethral Stricture

Ouch! Penis pain when a man is urinating is absolutely nothing to laugh at. Knowing the source of that penis discomfort, such as a feasible urethral stricture, can assist to alleviate the problem.

If Cortisol Is Up, So May Be Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence is a condition that no man desires to deal with. Science shows that erectile disorder is most likely if one’s cortisol degrees are too expensive, yet what triggers them to go high?

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