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When Penis Odor Rears Its Ugly Head: 7 Causes and How to Freshen Up

Penis smell is embarrassing as well as off-putting. Nevertheless, it can be a signs and symptom of an unsafe infection. Check out on to get more information concerning what causes penis smell and also exactly how to freshen things up.

Healing a Chafed Penis: 5 Tips for a Faster Recovery

A chafed penis, or a “rubbing burn” on the member, can be fairly unpleasant. Red, inflamed, and warm, a chafed penis can sideline a man for approximately week as nature’s all-natural recovery procedure takes its course. Here are a couple of ways to take care of penis chafing to promote a fast recuperation.

Loss of Penile Sensitivity: Why It Happens and How to Get It Back

Loss of penile sensitivity can make a guy lose self-confidence, feel frustrated, and can even lead to clinical depression. This write-up covers numerous possible factors for loss of penile sensitivity and potential treatment choices to obtain it back.

Penis Health and STIs: Understanding Syphilis

Excellent penis wellness depends upon, to name a few things, preventing STIs, in addition to treating them quickly in case they do occur. In this article, we look at the usual indications of syphilis as well as how this potentially hazardous illness is dealt with.

Causes of Penis Rash: What About Spermicide?

An otherwise admirable and also appealing manhood can be seriously ruined by an undesirable penis breakout. One prospective source of such a breakout is a condom lubricated with spermicide.

Penis Bumps and Skin Disorders: What Is Bullous Pemphigoid?

When a male’s member is loaded with penis bumps, it does not look its best whatsoever. When those bumps are brought on by bullous pemphigoid, it will likely be extremely itchy as well.

Lost Penis Sensitivity? Here’s How to Get It Back

Decreased penis level of sensitivity can be a real disappointment, yet all men encounter it at some factor. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to remedy it. Here are five methods how to boost penis sensitivity.

Penis Bumps: Test Your Knowledge

When a man inspects his member and discovers penis bumps, he might worry at the sight. Taking a test on penis bumps aids understand what may be causing them.

Sore Male Organ Syndrome: Could It Be Behcet’s Disease?

Being too active or obtaining too about dealt with can bring regarding a mighty aching male body organ. However so also can an uncommon persistent disorder referred to as Behcet’s disease.

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